Bandh Baretha Eco Resort

Have you ever planned to celebrate weekend holiday plan, Birthday Party, Ring Ceremony by surround yourself in the natural environment?

For guests looking for an experience rather than a mere vacation, Bandh Baretha Eco Resort is a sightseeing paradise. The resort is set on an eco-friendly farm amidst the tropical forests of Baretha. Guests are treated to exclusive hikes through Bandh Baretha and sightseeing treks to waterfalls and local villages. Each room at this 3-star resort is air-conditioned and includes a sofa and en suite bathroom. Guests can arrange day trips to nearby Baretha Dam and Band Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary, or they can hang out on the premises to enjoy fresh mountain air and bird watching from a private balcony overlooking Bandh Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary.

Attractions and landmarks near Bandh Baretha Eco Resort
● Dar Barahna Water Falls
● Hill Track Kishan Mahal
● Bandh Baretha Dam
● Bandh Baretha Reserve Forest
● Bayana Fort

Things to do in Bandh Barehta
● Discovery Nature (1 hour, 50 minutes)
● Tracking
● Bandh Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary (2 hours)
● Tack on Kishan Mahal (2 hour, 30 minutes)

Check In to Bandh Barehta Eco Resort

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